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Is Co-living for me?

People pursue the co-living lifestyle for reasons that are as diverse as the reason for why people use the internet.  Although, everyone has their own reasons for it. We will explore those reasons to help you figure out if co-living is for you.


However, there are a few features about co-living that makes it attractive to the masses and it is precisely because of this reason that co-living is growing rapidly in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai.


The metropolitan cities have embraced the concept of co-living with open arms and some even claim that this could be the solution to the massive housing problems in Indian cities.

Who chooses to Co-live?

While it is impossible to pinpoint towards individuals or groups that choose co-living, it is possible to identifying a few underlying ideas that these tenants usually believe in.



Spaces are designed to be far more comfortable than other housing options



Managed spaces make the entire process of co-living free of general hassles



Strong community with common values and interests are formed by design



Sharing of common facilities ensure that the costs and rents stay low and efficient



Sustainable design along with smart technology  is a boon for the environment

These 5 values are almost obvious at most co-living spaces. It is often the presence of these values that makes co-living different from other housing options like let’s say, co-housing, paying guests or hostels.


If you want to comfortable? This is for you.


If you’d like to be efficient and not live an intentful life? This is for you.


If you want a community to fall back on? This is for you.


If you value convenience? This is for you.


If you are conscious about what you are doing to the environment? This is for you.


Co-living is more than just a place to live. It is a lifestyle.

What about privacy or personal space?

Firstly, you will always have your personal space even though you are living with others. In most spaces you only share common areas of the facility and not your personal place.


The idea of privacy when you want it and community when you need it, is what makes co-living such an attractive option for a lot of people and not just the millennials.

Co-living is perfect for me because it gives me the flexibility to choose privacy when I want it and interaction with the community when I need it.

Mukesh Singhania, Bangalore

What else is on offer?

A fully furnished and managed space which includes your private space and the common areas like lounges, kitchens, game room etc. All the facilities that you enjoy are part of the all-in-one inclusive bill that you’ll pay every month.


Facilities like wifi, electricity, water, security and cable subscription are all part of the all-in-one inclusive billing. So you do not need to worry about paying for each of them separately and other hassles of running your house. Also, the deposit is usually very low compared to other housing options. The most common is 2 months rent.


So if you are fed up and do not want to deal with nagging landlords, high rents, unreasonable security deposits, pestering roommates, multiple bills, uncomfortable furniture, unhygienic spaces and bad customer service, then co-living is perfect for you.


In essence live a life that you always wanted with a community that not just roots for your betterment but also actively helps you with it.

Happy Co-living!