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Co-living Spaces - TLDR

Co-living spaces essentially are serviced homes where the residents share the living space (mostly the common areas) at the same time have private spaces for themselves like a room or an apartment as a part of the larger living project.

To put it in simple terms, you have community when you want it and privacy when you need it. So, have you checked out the best co-living complexes in your city yet?


We can help.

Why Choose 1Coliving?

Communal Living

Become a member of a growing community that is not just innovative & creative but also collaborative.

Hygienic Spaces

Our partners ensure that both your personal space & the common areas are cleaned frequently & diligently.

Serviced Spaces

All spaces are serviced by a dedicated community manager, so you do not have to worry about the little things.

Zero Brokerage

Gone are the "one month rent as brokerage" days, all spaces rented through us are brokerage free.

Or, you can alternatively mail us on hello@1coliving.com


Is this right for me?

There are no specific demographic that this type of shared accommodation works for. In fact, one of the biggest myths is that it is only for millennials. It is not. 

Co-living is for anybody who wants to lead an ideal independent life but also wants to surround themselves with like minded people who have similar or complimenting aspirations and/or values. 

We've got everyone from a newly graduated student looking to start a life in the city to a digital nomad travelling the world.


Co-living is for anyone who wants it.

Talk to us to know more.

Common Myths about Co-living Spaces

Is it a dorm/hostel?

No it is not. You get a more facilities compared to a dorm and these shared spaces are professionally serviced.

Must be expensive?

No. You save money when compared to renting an individual apartment since you share common costs.

Multiple bills?

No. The all-in-one bill in most cases includes internet, house-keeping, furnishing, security etc. 

People are cramped?

Quite the contrary. In most cases only the common areas like lounge, game rooms, kitchens etc are shared. 

Long-term contracts?

Most co-living properties have flexible contract policies. Even the deposits along with rentals are affordable.

Irritating landlords?

No. These properties like co-working spaces are managed by professionals who are employed by corporates. 

If you've still got questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

Got Questions?

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